Office 365 Groups – Ignite Aus wrap up

During my session on managing groups at Ignite Australia on deploying and managing groups I referenced this great blog post by Wictor Wilen which explains all the details of how to script changing the settings via script at the Azure AD level.

For my provisioning demonstration I also used the Office 365 PnP-Powershell commands – the installer for the current version of these are here  and specifically the New-PnPUnifiedGroup command. To have this command you need to be on at least the Nov 2016 release of the commands.

More information on development samples such as how to create tabs and integrate bots into Microsoft teams are explained on the teams dev center. I also found this overview of connectors to be useful although some of the UI has changed recently which means if you follow the demonstrations steps in your tenancy you will need to adapt a couple of the steps.  The major change is that for basic connectors you can select the webhook connector now straight from the main connector UI as that is now GA.

During the session I also mention an earlier session in the conference which went into the roadmap for Groups, definitely worth a view to get across the new features due to arrive soon.

Also for more information on what to use where in regards to groups , teams and yammer this session is well worth the watch





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